How I became a blogger

I am not internet savvy. I use email to keep in touch with friends and reply to mails sent by my fans. But anything else about the internet was Greek and Latin to me: uploads, downloads, software, hardware, modems, speeds, bytes, browsers, settings, hard drives, soft drives.
But, as we all know, we have much to learn from our children. My sons, Rohan Sandeep and Brahma Teja, have always been prodding me to write my own ‘blog’. A blog, they explained, is something like a blank page in a diary. I can write my thoughts in it, just like in my diary. Seemed simple enough to me. Sandeep was emphatic: “Naanagaru, did you know that Barack Obama used the internet to communicate the need for change. How can a man in your place not use the internet to communicate your ideas?”
I got the point, and here I am.


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