No one can match Relangi and Ramana Reddy

Like most comedians of today, I grew up watching the incomparable duo Relangi and Ramana Reddy. No comedian has can even close to them. They were the Laurel and Hardy of Telugu cinema. Relangi’s walk and Ramana Reddy’s way of shrugging and his Nellore dialect used to leave me in splits. They never used any profanity and yet they could make you your stomach ache with laughter.
Bramhanadam, Suttivelu, Veerabhadra Rao are extremely good comedians of our time. I really enjoy their routines.
As for me, it’s been a long journey for me. From being a stage performer and radio artiste to the movies. I may be a successful actor today but what I remember most fondly are those days when I wrote serials such as Anaganaga Oka Shobha for Doordarshan. Those were days of struggle but they were also fulfilling.
As a comedian, I am happy if I can make a depressed man smile and forget the mundane struggles of life.


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