Something for everyone in the family

I think politics influences every aspect of our lives. Yet the way we practice politics today makes people turn away from it. To me, politics has always been about public service, about putting people first and making decisions that are best for them. I believe in prajala kosam rajakeeyam.

Politics does not have to be ugly. Politics has to be relevant and respectable. Because, it’s only through politics that we can address the people’s problems.

People often ask me why I have become associated with the Congress party. I have known Y S Rajasekhara Reddy for 20 years. I believe that he has the best vision for the development of our state. He believes that society can be improved only from the grassroots. He sees society as a family. Each member has different needs. And society can only be developed if each member of the family is looked after.

The thing that I find most notable about Rajasekhara Reddy is that he practices what he preaches. I don’t think there is another chief minister in the country who has delivered every promise he made in 2004. If you look at the welfare measures taken by his government, there’s something for every member of the family. There are pensions for old people; there are easy loans for students; there is free power and irrigation for farmers; there is easy credit for women self-help groups.

My support for YSR sits easy with my conscience as an artiste.


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