It’s the silly season on news television

Since we are on the internet, has anyone made a computer that generates its own jokes? People may have tried to make one, but thankfully, they haven’t succeeded yet. Imagine clicking a button and the computer telling you a joke.
Comedy is serious business. In fact it demands a high form of intelligence. Try telling a joke to a dimwit man and you’ll know what I mean.
Political satire is the flavor of the month on TV and I am adding my bit to it. Almost every news channel has a programme that lampoons politicians. I have one too. It’s called Ding Dong on Sakshi TV.
I guess some of my punchlines are in your face, but I tell my crew to never hit below the belt. It is a 30-minute spoof but the jokes are never crude. It is not meant to show any politician in poor light.
You may not agree, but satire is a way of making people aware of issues. People who are bored with politics can be informed about the issues of this election through satire.
Curiously, comedy often is the only way of telling the truth. After all, some truth may unpalatable and a joke is the only way of conveying it.


One Response to “It’s the silly season on news television”

  1. sobhan Says:

    The truth is the political scene in the state is a bad joke joke in itself.

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